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"I speak my truth with courage and integrity.”

Created with Sweet Orange it is so uplifting and cheery, that it is often known as the ‘Smiley Oil’. It is refreshing and warming, bringing an inner glow back to our lives. Peppermint essential oil is still hailed for its wonderful ability to calm and purify. Relieves feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and pain, and to clear both yourself and your space of negative vibrations.
Peppermint essential oil will bring deep healing to your mind, body, and spirit – the sense of rejuvenation and happiness that this oil brings is pure magic. 
Lemon essential oil It is purifying and refreshing, helping to clear an overburdened mind. It is also stimulating and can be used to initiate new projects. It radiates a sparkling kind of compassion that makes it impossible to hang on to the dark clouds of doom and gloom all blended