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You will always find your way home safely.
If this is carried the hero will never lose their way in storms or bad weather  even when the way is not known.

To begin the journey to reclaim heroic self  the traveller must:
Accept they are no longer their true self.
Accept they must forgive themselves.
Accept that the road ahead will be painful.

To walk the path, the traveller must shed the shadows influenced on decisions by;
Separating themselves from their ego.
Recognising but dismissing fear.

The passion
Passion lights the guiding beacons that drive the traveller to make the journey;
Without passion, the traveller cannot muster the will to endure the trials of the journey.

The traveller sees their journey through the lens of their principles;
Principles are their means of grasping and grappling with realities of the journey.

Practices represent the actions the traveller  takes along the journey;
Without action there can be no movement.
Without movement there can be no journey. 

The harshest test of the journey is Faith;
The traveller must find stillness to cultivate trust in themselves and in what the journey will show them along the path.

27cm length fitting upto 22cm wrist.

Vegvisir cuff

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