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This wonderful Zebra Agate stone holds the energy of balance, it unites the masculine with the feminine energies, the Yin and Yang and is the anti apathy stone, bringing balance, and calm. Zebra agate can help you to increase your energy and stamina as well as offering assistance with spiritual and emotional healing. As this stone helps heal, you gain a sense of stability and security. Within it, you find the energies of balance, which will help you remain grounded and centered.An excellent stone for manifestation through artistic endeavors, zebra agate, will encourage you to continue creating. The motivation and stamina provided by this stone will help you as you work within your imagination and creative processes.Worry stones are smooth, polished gemstones usually in the shape of an oval with a thumb-sized indentationThey are also known as thumb stones or wish stones. They originated in Ancient Greece.They enjoyed relatively large popularity in the 1970's.Held between the index finger and thumb, rubbing them is believed to lessen one's worries, relieve anxiety use used for relaxation. Thumb stones work by using a form of reflexology or nerve pressure that when rubbed promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation. Tune into the relaxing power of a thumb stone by rubbing the smooth indented surface of the stone.Every crystal is unique so will vary in shape, size and colour as no two crystals are identical. The photograph gives a representation of the thumb stone you will receive but it will not be identical. 

Zebra Agate Worry Stone

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