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It will show you how you can manifest your life’s desires by employing creative and imaginative thinking.

It’s a stone that will support you in all levels of creative pursuits.

It will encourage you to stay creative in thoughts, words, and actions.

It will give you a strong sense of security and stability. It will make you feel safe, and it will ward off all unwanted negative energies.

The energies of Zebra-Stone will also keep you centered and grounded. This stone holds energies of balance, which means that it can unite your masculine and feminine energies, your Yin and Yang.

Zebra-Stone is a sedimentary stone that formed over 600 million years ago.

It was formed when detrital clay deposits compacted into layers, which then created the characteristic red/beige or red/brown bandings.

These bandings formed different patterns, such as straight lines, waves, and spots.

Zebra-Stone is typically a white stone with black stripes, but there are also color variations like brown, red, and green.

Because of the black stripes on the stone, Zebra-Stone got its name to complement is name sake animal.

Zebra-Stone is also known by other names like Zebra Jasper, Zebra Marble, Zebra Agate, and Zebra Rock. It was first discovered in Kunnanurra, in Western Australia.

Size guide grid is in inches

Zebra Stone Necklace

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